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  • Location:  Riomaggiore, Italy (Cinque Terre)
  • Type of Experience:  pesto making class

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Cinque Terre Cooking Class Overview

Are you looking for a Cinque Terre cooking class to add to your Italy itinerary? If you’re short on time, but still want to connect with traditional Ligurian cuisine, I have the perfect experience for you: a Cinque Terre cooking class that is all about making PESTO!

Getting to Riomaggiore

colorful buildings are built tightly together along a small harbor in Riomaggiore Italy

The Great Pesto Experience takes place in Riomaggiore, Italy in a 16th century private home. Riomaggiore is one of the five quaint villages that make up Cinque Terre, nestled on the Italian Riviera. It is the southernmost village and is easily accessible by train.

I’ve been using the Trainline app since 2021, and it has made navigating the Italian trains so much easier. I highly recommend using it on your trip.

For in-depth information on transportation to, from, and between towns, read my blog post all about Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre Cooking Class Experience

a mortar and pestle sit on a checkered table cloth with sea salt and garlic in the mortar.  A basil plant sits next to it along with a glass of prosecco and glass of water.

What makes this Cinque Terre cooking class so special is that you’re not only participating in creating one of the most popular dishes of the Ligurian region, but you also get to do it in an authentic setting and connect with a local and other travelers. 

The class begins with a warm welcome from Luca (and his adorable dog, Ettore/Hector) as well as a glass of Prosecco. The table is set for each person with a mortar and pestle, garlic and sea salt inside of it, pine nuts, parmigiano and a small basil plant. The extra virgin olive is added later. 

*Please note: this class uses pine nuts. If there are nut allergies in your party, please know that this will not be a nut-friendly experience; traditional pesto contains pine nuts.*

a plate has testaroli and pesto on top of it.  A glass of prosecco is next to the dish.

Once you’re all settled in, Luca goes over the history and traditions of Ligurian cuisine, but the main event is learning to make Genoese Pesto. Following a recipe that has been passed down through generations, a mortar and pestle is used along with fresh ingredients. It felt so much more authentic to use the mortar and pestle and really put some effort into it. 

After preparing the pesto, you get to taste your creation. Luca introduced us to a new type of pasta I had never heard of before: testaroli. This is also a pasta from Lunigiana; it’s very soft and almost doesn’t feel like you’re eating pasta. The pesto was poured over a generous helping of testaroli and it was delicious.

The class is about 90 minutes long, so you can still plan other activities during your day.


If you’re planning to take a Cinque Terre cooking class, I definitely suggest booking one that involves making traditional pesto. If you’re a solo traveler like me, you’ll definitely enjoy getting to meet other travelers while you’re there. This experience with Luca is perfect for anybody, but especially those who are visiting Cinque Terre just for the day and want to make the most of their time.

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Are you looking for a Cinque Terre cooking class to add to your Italy itinerary? If you’re short on time but still want to connect with traditional Ligurian cuisine, I have the perfect experience for you: a Cinque Terre cooking class that is all about making pesto!

A Cinque Terre Cooking Class: The Great Pesto Experience

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