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In December 2022, I went on a quest to get into the Christmas spirit with a 12 day trip to Europe.  I wanted to see snow, Christmas lights, Christmas markets, and get that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling.  I also wanted to celebrate my birthday in a way that I never have before (you can see what I did by watching the video from Day 11 below).  I'm sharing my itinerary, experiences, and daily vlogs for your viewing pleasure.  I had the best time and I am planning on doing another European Christmas (and birthday) trip in 2023.

Trip Itinerary Overview

Day 1:  Flight from Atlanta to  Milan

Day 2:  Milan

Day 3:  Milan to Bern

Day 4:  Bern with a day trip to Stockhorn

Day 5:  Bern to Sigriswil

Day 6:  Sigriswil with a day trip to Jungfraujoch

Day 7:  Sigriswil to Brussels

Day 8:  Brussels

Day 9:  Brussels to London

Day 10:  London

Day 11:  London with a day trip to the Cotswolds

Day 12:  London

Day 13:  London to Atlanta


Wine Tasting in Milan

I sampled 8 local wines during an in-depth wine tasting experience with a Sommelier.  Find out more.

Day Trip to Jungfraujoch

Going up to the highest railway station in Europe was a bucket list item I didn't know I needed.  

Click here to find tours to Jungfrau.

Brussels Food Tour with No Diet Club

I ate my way through Brussels and I'm convinced it was they best way to spend my only full day there.  

Click here to go on a Brussels Food Tour.

Private Driving Tour in the Cotswolds

Read all about my Day trip to the Cotswolds, which consisted of a private driving tour with a professional photographer!

See Social Media Posts From This Trip

Are you looking to get out of London for the day? You will love going on a private driving tour of The Cotswolds, an idyllic area of little villages with beautiful honey-colored limestone facades, just an hour southwest of the city.

Go On a Private Tour of The Cotswolds

If you’re a wine lover visiting Milan, there’s no better way to spend one of your evenings than having a wine tasting with a sommelier. Not only will you sample some of the best wines from Italy, but you’ll also learn how to properly experience them, using more than just your sense of taste.

Enjoy an In-Depth Wine Tasting in Milan with a Sommelier

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Daily Vlogs

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