Accommodation Tours

I love finding fun places to stay when I travel.  I’ve created a page to house information and links of all of the hotels and Airbnbs I’ve been staying in over the last few years. 

I’ve even created videos that will take you on a virtual walkthrough so you can see it for yourself!

Experiences and Tours

In the past couple of years, I've been spending more time looking into fun and unique tours to book during my travels.  

As a result, I've found some of the most fantastic experiences that have made each trip  so memorable.  Many of these tours go  beyond the typical formal tour of monuments, cathedrals, and museums.   Some even have me spending time at the home of locals, which has allowed me to connect more with the culture and people of the area I'm visiting.

Since I started my TikTok account and travel blog, I've begun to document each of these experiences so I can share them with you and hopefully inspire you to try some of them too.