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  • Location:  Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Type of Experience:  Photo Shoot

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Cinque Terre Photo Shoot Overview

Do you want to capture beautiful memories on your upcoming visit to Italy? There’s no better way to do this than by hiring a professional photographer. Whether you’re planning to propose, visiting with family, or on a solo trip, I highly recommend that you book a destination photo shoot in Cinque Terre.

Getting to the Meeting Point

The great thing about this experience is that the photographer and host, Cian, is very flexible. I was staying in Monterosso al Mare during my recent visit to the Cinque Terre. After communicating with Cian, we discussed which location(s) would be best for the photos and how much time I wanted to spend on the experience. We decided to meet in Riomaggiore and I took one of the regional trains, which took 15 minutes. We had to factor in train schedules for moving from one town to the next.

The Experience

Cian and I decided on getting photos in 3 locations. Although the experience says 1 or 2, you can contact him and inquire about adding more. We both arrived in Riomaggiore on the same train and walked down to the water for the first set of photos.

I’m in no way a model, so it always takes me a little while to warm up to, especially in public, but Cian was really great about providing suggestions on how to pose, where to look, etc.

After spending about an hour in Riomaggiore, we took the train to our second location, Vernazza. Again, we made our way towards the water for some photos with the town as a beautiful backdrop. As you can tell, we tried various props in order to get the maximum number of possibilities for photos.  Totally kidding...I had no idea what to do with my hands, but Cian was fantastic.  We managed to stop in a few different areas and were able to get a variety of settings and looks.

a woman sits on the rocks with a view of Vernazza Italy behind her

We took the train to the third and final town, Monterosso, where I was staying. Because each of the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre are so different, the photos reflected the diverse landscape of each.

Cian was incredibly friendly, professional, and was really accommodating in order to make it a comfortable and fun morning for both of us.

Within a week of
the experience, Cian sent me all of the proofs from the photo session and I was able to select a specific amount that he then will edit and send final versions of. I had so many options to choose from and was thrilled with the results.


Whether you’re on a solo tour of Italy, visiting with friends or family, or planning a special occasion, I highly recommend that you book a destination photo shoot in Cinque Terre with Cian. You’ll return home with more than just memories; you’ll have beautiful photos as well.

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