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As I continue to expand my travel blog and social media content, I've been seeking out more opportunities to learn from experts and peers.  I discovered TBEX, a conference specifically for travel bloggers, had a European conference in May and I decided to register on a whim and book a flight to Greece.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away but the information I learned and the people I met.  I even had the opportunity to stay longer and work with one of the Greek tourism boards, Visit Meteora, and explore their beautiful region before returning back to the US.  Check out my daily vlogs to see exactly what I got into each day of my trip.

Greece Itinerary Overview


Day 1:  Flight from Atlanta to  Athens

Day 2:  Athens to Kalamata

Day 3:  Kalamata (day trip to Koroni)

Day 4:  Kalamata 

Day 5:  Kalamata

Day 6:  Kalamata

Day 7:  Kalamata to Meteora

Day 8:  Meteora

Day 9:  Meteora

Day 10:  Meteora to Athens

Day 11:  Athens to Atlanta

Meteora, a mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and human ingenuity with its monasteries ‘suspended in the air’. From delectable local cuisine and stunning hiking trails to peaceful sunsets, there is no dearth of adventures in this tranquil Greek region. During my three-day stay at the Grand Meteora Hotel, I uncovered the captivating allure of Meteora and now invite you to do the same through this detailed guide.

The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide to Meteora Greece

The Grand Meteora Hotel, nestled at the foot of the awe-inspiring Meteora cliffs, offers a lovely accommodation experience with its prime location, phenomenal service, elegant rooms, and jaw-dropping views.

A Room with an Epic View: The Grand Meteora Hotel Experience

Daily Vlogs

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