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Header Image of a woman sitting with a view of Bellagio, Italy behind her along with Lake Como

A European Road Trip has been on my bucket list for years, but one thing was holding me back.  I have been afraid to rent a car in Europe.  Why?  I have no idea.  I think I've always just thought that driving in another country was supposed to be scary even though I'm somebody who drives everywhere in the US.  I decided to get out of my own way and take a road trip through Switzerland and Italy.  What I found out was that I can't believe I waited this long to drive in another country out of fear.  I have absolutely LOVED seeing the countryside of these two beautiful places.  Check out my itinerary below along with daily vlogs to see exactly what I did.

Trip Itinerary Overview


Day 1:  Flight from Atlanta to  Zurich

Day 2:  Zurich to Lucerne

Day 3:  Lucerne

Day 4:  Lucerne to Menaggio (Lake Como)

Day 5:  Menaggio (Day trip to Varenna)

Day 6:  Menaggio (Day trip to Bellagio)

Day 7:  Menaggio to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre)

Day 8:  Monterosso (Day trip to Riomaggiore)

Day 9:  Cinque Terre to Florence to Pistoia

Day 10:  Pistoia to Bologna

Day 11:  Bologna

Day 12:  Bologna

Day 13:  Bologna to Sorrento

Day 14:  Sorrento

Day 15:  Sorrento to San Gregorio da Sassola

Day 16:  San Gregorio da Sassola

Day 17:  San Gregorio da Sassola to Atlanta


E-Cargo Bike Tour in Lucerne

I experienced a tour of Lucerne by cargo.  It was so fun to gain a different perspective of the city.  Read More

Cooking Class with a View in Bellagio

I had a private cooking class with a panoramic view of Lake Como with Chef Alessandro.  Read more.

Photo Shoot in Bellagio

Check out the experience here.

Pesto Cooking Class

If you're visiting Cinque Terre, connect with the local cuisine by learning to make pesto with a local.   Check out the experience.

Photo Shoot in Cinque Terre

I booked a professional photographer to take photos of me in 3 of the 5 towns.

Florence From the Rooftops

This was my second time experiencing this incredible rooftop tour in Florence.  Get the details here.

Ferrari Experience

Have you ever wanted to drive a Ferrari in Italy?  Check out this one-of-a-kind experience to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

Parmigiano and Balsamic Tour

See how parmigiano reggiano is made in Italy on this parmigiano and balsamic tour.  You'll also have a fantastic stop at a winery!  

Are you scared of renting a car in Europe as a solo traveler? This was something I had been scared of doing for years, and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do it sooner!

A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Renting a Car in Europe

Are you looking for a Cinque Terre cooking class to add to your Italy itinerary? If you’re short on time but still want to connect with traditional Ligurian cuisine, I have the perfect experience for you: a Cinque Terre cooking class that is all about making pesto!

A Cinque Terre Cooking Class: The Great Pesto Experience

Cinque Terre translates to “five lands” in Italian. This group of five picturesque villages is located in northwestern Italy along the Italian Riviera in the region of Liguria.

Visit the Heart of the Italian Riviera: The Cinque Terre Villages

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, I have a tour that you simply cannot pass up. You’ll get three tours in one: a Parmigiano Reggiano factory, a winery (including a tasting), and finally, an old acetaia, a local balsamic vinegar producer. This all-day tour with Delicious Bologna in Emilia-Romagna will easily be one of your favorite memories of your entire trip.

Go On the Best Parmigiano Reggiano Factory Tour in Italy

Imagine driving through the Italian countryside of Emilia-Romagna with the wind in your hair. You fly down the road in a cherry-red Ferrari convertible, but bonus…YOU’RE driving it and you’re headed to the Ferrari museum in Maranello! Let me tell you about a day that I will never forget (and how you can do it, too) with this once-in-a-lifetime Ferrari Experience.

Drive a Ferrari to Maranello: The Ultimate Italian Experience

Looking for the perfect place to stay in Sorrento? If you like comfortable accommodations in a prime location, with top-notch hospitality, you’ll absolutely love staying at Sorrento Flats. With its central location, modern amenities, and phenomenal staff, you’ll be wanting to book your next stay before you even leave! (I definitely did!)

My Favorite Sorrento Bed and Breakfast: Stay in This Cozy Apartment

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