Hey there!  My name is Terry and I'm in a really incredible stage of life right now.  After spending 13 years as an elementary school teacher, I left the classroom in the fall of 2020 to pursue other goals and dreams of mine and went full time with my online education business.

Leaving the classroom was terrifying, but it also pushed me in an entirely new direction and led me to begin creating travel content.  After I had been out of the classroom for a year, I booked a month-long trip to Italy for September 2021.

I've always loved to travel.  I've been on many solo trips in the past 10 years.  This time, I wanted to make it a unique experience, so  I decided to start a Tiktok account with the intention of creating fun videos to document my adventures.  I love sharing my experiences with others and encouraging them to travel as well, especially those who are hesitant to go if they don't have a partner or friends to join them.

Over several months, I posted videos to my new Tiktok account and slowly created an incredibly uplifting community.  I managed to reach an audience that consists of many single women, travel lovers, and others who would love to travel more but don't necessarily know how to do it, especially without breaking the bank.

On this site, I'll be sharing my travel adventures, accommodations and experiences I book, spilling my strategies for earning miles and saving on travel.  I'll be providing my itineraries along with helpful tips that I learn as I travel, and so much more.

Everything that I share is information that I'm learning firsthand.  I experience it (mostly by myself), and convey what has worked and not worked for me.  A lot of the information I share is fun, sometimes slightly insane, but most importantly, it's relatable. That's what I want to provide you with: entertaining, informative content that will give you the courage to book that trip.  And if you're already an avid traveler, I hope that I'll be able to teach you something new or maybe even meet up with you on one of my adventures.

Thank you for being here.


How I Caught the Travel Bug

It was my senior year of college when my Aunt Jacky started a tradition (which apparently was the result of me bugging her to tag along on one of her trips).  She asked her wife, Kathy, if they could take me on a trip.  Kathy also had a niece that graduated from college the year before, so she said yes, and they decided to take both of us on a trip to Europe as a huge gift.  Since then, they have continued the traditions with additional nieces and nephews over the years.

I had never been outside of the US beyond the Caribbean.  This sounded like an epic opportunity, so of course, I accepted.  Just a few weeks after graduation, we set off for an 11-day adventure driving through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.  It was a whirlwind of a trip, but it was just enough to infect me with a new love for travel.

I came back from the trip a different person and I couldn't wait to see where my future travels would take me.