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Do You Check a Bag or Carry On?

Want to see what I packed for a month in Italy?  Yes, an entire month.  Spoiler:  I’m not a light packer.  There.  I said it.  I probably will never be, but I’ve managed to pack a lot lightER than I used to.  One thing that has changed the game for me when it comes to packing is getting organized.

To illustrate how I go through the packing process, I’m going to share the steps I take from weeks to days before my trip through when I’m on my trip.


Get Organized

I have a packing checklist that I created to help me remember what items I need.  If you click here, I’ll give you an editable copy of it.  It has the items that I pack, but you can change it to meet your own packing needs.



From outlet converters to cameras and cords, there are so many electronics that I carry along with me when I travel.


Last minute Items

I’m always waiting until the last minute, but some of these items were necessary and thank goodness Amazon delivers quickly!


Toiletry Bag

Game changer!  I NEVER organized my toiletries until 2021 and I don’t know how I managed to keep track of all these items without my toiletry bag.  I love the fact that there’s a pocket for everything and the entire bag just folds and zips right up and can be hung up as soon as you get to your destination.


Everything I Packed

Do you want to see a quick overview of all the items I packed up in my suitcase?  Here’s a very satisfying high speed packing video.


Carry-On Duffel Bag

I don’t think my anxiety could handle lost luggage.  To avoid stress, I started packing up my suitcase and then throwing a thin duffle bag inside to make sure everything fits.  Once it does, I take the duffle and fill it with the most important items such as a set of clothes, makeup, hair products, etc.  If it’s something that I would regret not having in a pinch, it goes in my carry-on duffel.



I LOVE my Nordace backpack and bring it on every single trip I take so I can tote my laptop and other work items around.  It’s well-padded for electronics and has a lot of fun compartments for storing various items.


Shoes I Packed

I don’t recommend coming to me for shoe advice.  I pack VERY simply when it comes to shoes.  If I’m traveling to Europe, I’ve stopped packing heels or wedges because I end up never wearing them.


Pack My Suitcase with Me

Do you want to see a real life game of tetris?  Finding the right packing strategy in order to fit every single thing into my suitcase gives me a boost of serotonin.


Casual Day Bag

My new favorite casual bag is this Herschel crossbody.  It was perfect for long walks, casual strolls around the city, or just a quick outing for a cappuccino.  It has more room than you would expect for fitting tons of items.


Dressy Day Bag

When I want to look a little more stylish while walking around a city, I thrown on my Michael Kors crossbody.  This bag is comfortable, spacious, and also CUTE! The front little pocket is the perfect size for a couple of lip products and a portable charger!

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