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Quick Facts

  • Location:  Montanelli, Italy (Province of Pisa)
  • Type of Experience:  Truffle Hunting

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Truffle Hunting and Lunch Overview

One of the most unique experiences you can have is to go truffle hunting in Tuscany. If you want a one-of-a-kind excursion followed by a multi-course meal full of truffles, this experience at Savini Tartufi is for you!

Getting to Savini Tartufi

Savini Tartufi is located approximately 90 minutes outside of Florence. To get there, you’ll want to get a driver or rent a car.

The Experience

Savini Tartufi is a family-run business that has been delivering truffles from Tuscany since 1920.  Not only do they produce incredible products such as creams, sauces, pastas and more, but they also offer a truffle hunting experience.

The experience began with Luca providing an overview of the history of Savini Tartufi.  He was so animated and clearly has a passion for what he does.  I loved listening to him and he got me so excited for the day.  My favorite part, though, was meeting the adorable dogs, Giotto and Fiuto.  They were truly the stars of the show and are father and son.

Truffle Hunting

a truffle hunter sniffs a truffle found by two truffle hunting dogs that are anxiously looking at him

We hopped in the car with the dogs and our leader, Andrea, and set out for the woods. Upon arrival, we watched the dogs run around, sniffing everywhere, as Andrea explained the process of finding the truffles. There were several close calls for a while, but they didn’t find anything.

Finally, after about an hour of searching, the dogs alerted an area and Andrea had a small amount of time to get there before the dogs would eat what they found. Jackpot! They found a white truffle! It was a bit early in the season, so we didn’t expect them to find anything , but we were lucky and it was so exciting.

Lunch:  Truffle Tasting

a charcuterie board with meats, cheese, crostini and olives has bits of truffle all over it

A large table was set for our truffle tasting when we returned to Savini. We started with a glass of wine and a snack of truffle chips. Next, individual mini charcuterie boards were served with meat, cheese, bruschetta, and olives…all topped with shaved truffle.

My favorite part of the tasting was the taglioni truffle pasta with truffle cream and shaved white truffle on top. Can you say truffle overload?! (I wasn’t mad about it) Following the pasta was a fried egg with truffle, and finally, we ended with a truffle ice cream.

The entire experience was top notch and so much fun!


If you want a unique and truly authentic Italian experience, you need to book a truffle hunt and tasting with Savini Tartufi. You’ll probably leave with lots of truffle products, but that’s okay because you’re on vacation and anything goes! Or you can do like I did and bring it back to your Airbnb and cook it later in the week.

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