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  • Location:  Paris, France
  • Type of Experience:  Speakeasy tour

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Paris Speakeasy Tour Overview

Did you know that Paris has several speakeasies? If you want to experience these unique secret bars, you can visit them on a Paris speakeasy tour.

Getting to the Meeting Point

I met the group at Place de la République. It was easy to find and our guide, Cali, was very responsive and helpful in getting us all to the meeting spot.

The Experience:  A Speakeasy Tour

Our group was small, so the entire evening was very personal. We started at the first bar, which we entered after having to provide a verbal code into a telephone. I loved the ambiance inside, and the cocktails were all themed around famous mobsters. They were delicious!

Next, we made our way through a kitchen and to a door that led to a hidden bar. It was incredibly hip and had a sexy drink menu. From there, we made a quick pit stop at another bar before arriving at the most complicated speakeasy. We had to find the secret entryway to the bar inside of a little French bodega. It took us quite a while, but it was a lot of fun.

All of the bars were unique, had stunning cocktails, and I wouldn’t have noticed them if I was simply walking down the street looking for a place to have a drink.


If you want to experience the nightlife in Paris with cocktails at various speakeasies, this is the tour for you. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other travelers and view the city from a very different perspective.

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