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  • Drive a Ferrari to Maranello: The Ultimate Italian Experience

Quick Facts

  • Location:  Bologna to Maranello, Italy
  • Type of Experience:  Driving Experience

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Ferrari Experience Overview

Imagine driving through the Italian countryside of Emilia-Romagna with the wind in your hair. You fly down the road in a cherry-red Ferrari convertible, but bonus…YOU’RE driving it and you’re headed to the Ferrari museum in Maranello! Let me tell you about a day that I will never forget (and how you can do it, too) with this once-in-a-lifetime Ferrari Experience.

Getting to the Meeting Point

I met my host, Mattia, in Bologna, but he is incredibly flexible and has several meet-up options: Bologna or one of the Riviera Adriatica Coast towns such as Rimini, Riccione or Milano Marittima.

The Experience

Mattia is a proud Ferrari owner who has created such a fun afternoon getaway that gives you the best of two worlds: visiting the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and having the opportunity to ride in and DRIVE a Ferrari convertible.

Mattia picked me up in Bologna and we made the 45 minute drive to Maranello on a mix of highways and country roads. To my surprise, he pulled over at one point and asked me if I wanted to drive. I had not been expecting to have the option to drive, but knowing that there was a good chance I would never get the chance to be behind the wheel of a Ferrari again in my life, I took it. Luckily, his car is an automatic because I can’t drive a manual.

When we arrived in Maranello, I purchased my ticket to the museum. You can take your time exploring and seeing so many of the most famous classic models. I’m not much of a museum person, but if you are, you’ll have a great time.

When I was finished, I met up with Mattia for the ride back to Bologna. He again offered to let me drive the car back to Bologna, but I decided to let him show me the vehicle's power and enjoy being a passenger.


This experience is perfect for Ferrari enthusiasts or anyone looking to try something new and exciting. Get out of the city for an afternoon and head to the Ferrari museum with Mattia.

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