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Quick Facts

  • Location:  Bellagio, Italy
  • Type of Experience:  Cooking Class

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Cooking Class in Bellagio Overview

Have you been dreaming of learning how to cook a real authentic Italian meal in Italy? Imagine doing just that but with panoramic views of Lake Como. Let me tell you about the amazing (and mouth-watering) cooking class I booked with Chef Alessandro in Bellagio.

a view of Bellagio and Lake Como

Getting to the Class at Il Perlo Panorama

The cooking experience takes place at a hotel called Il Perlo Panorama. It’s approximately 10 minutes from the marina in Bellagio and uphill, so you’ll need to arrange for a taxi or private driver. If you’re coming from another town on Lake Como, make sure you leave plenty of time for the ferry to get to Bellagio because they can sometimes be late (I found this out the hard way on the way home from the experience and thought I wouldn’t get back to Menaggio. Luckily, all turned out just fine.)

Find the ferry schedules HERE.

The Experience

a tray of white wine and two bowls of snacks sits on a table with a view of Bellagio and Lake Como

Chef Alessandro welcomes you to the restaurant at Hotel Il Perlo with open arms. The dining area is lined with glass windows and doors on 3 sides, so you truly get a panoramic view of the lake. Just outside the windows is a large outdoor patio where you can have a glass of wine with front row views to the lake and the tip of Bellagio below.

If the weather is nice, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the
cooking class outside. If not, there’s a kitchen area where you’ll create your masterpieces. Chef Alessandro will take you through the dishes that you’re about to make and have a plan for prepping them. This is a completely hands-on experience, so get ready to roll up your sleeves.

I was fortunate enough to have a private experience, so I relaxed with a glass of wine and aperitivo outside as Chef Alessandro got everything ready. When it was time to start, we began by creating the dough for the gnocchi, which is one of my favorites. Next, it was time to roll out a separate set of dough to make pappardelle; this time we used a pasta machine to make it very thin and cut it into the right size. Then it was time to work on the sauces: a sauce with fresh tomatoes and herbs for the pappardelle, and a gorgonzola cream sauce for the gnocchi.

Finally, we started on the tiramisu. Because tiramisu has to be refrigerated for 24 hours before eating, we prepared tomorrow’s tiramisu and I was going to have one that was previously made.

When all the work was done, it was time to savor the fruits of my labor and I couldn’t have chosen a better spot than the corner table with a view of the lake. As the sun began to set, each of the small towns were identifiable by sections of warm lights in the distance.

The food was spectacular and incredibly filling. I couldn’t even finish it, which is not typical for me, but I did my best. Every bite was flavorful and the presentation of each dish was stunning. The setting was perfect and I really enjoyed learning from Chef Alessandro.


If you’re planning a visit to Lake Como, make a trip to Bellagio and book Chef Alessandro’s phenomenal cooking class. It's the most delicious way to get an incredible view of the lake and learn some new cooking skills while you’re there.

For more authentic and unique experiences at the Lake, visit Taste and Travel Italy. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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