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  • A One-of-a-Kind Cookout with Bistecca alla Fiorentina in Florence

Quick Facts

  • Location:  Bagno a Ripoli, Italy (just outside Florence)
  • Type of Experience:  outdoor cooking

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Bistecca Experience Overview

If you’re headed to Italy and looking to try the famous bistecca alla fiorentina (Florentine steak), you have to book this one-of-a-kind experience with Lorenzo and Martina.

Getting to Lorenzo's House

Lorenzo’s family home is located about 15-20 minutes outside of Florence in the countryside. You can take a taxi, which will cost about 25 euro each way, but it’s totally worth it.

The Experience

When you arrive, Lorenzo, Martina, and their adorable dogs will greet you at the gate. You’ll be offered a glass of wine, prosecco, or even a Negroni. The experience takes place in the backyard where they have a table set up near the grill.

The entire evening is so relaxed and centered mostly around eating and conversation. We enjoyed a fabulous spread of meat, cheese, and other snacks as we sipped our drinks. The olive oil and wine we consumed were from local producers.

Lorenzo took care of all the work when it came to grilling the bistecca, and he explained the entire process to us along the way. I can’t emphasize how much it just felt like we were hanging out with friends in their yard.

When the bistecca was grilled to perfection, it was served with a side of patate al forno (roasted potatoes). Do you have any idea how DELICIOUS this cut of meat was? When I tell you that this meal melted in my mouth, I am almost being literal, except for the fact that meat can’t exactly melt, but you get the idea.

The experience concluded with biscotti and an after-dinner liquor under the Tuscan stars. We had a lovely conversation with our hosts and the other guests as we waited for our taxi to pick us up; they were so kind and welcoming and I left the experience wanting to go back.

If you leave and want to enjoy some of the products from the comfort of your own home, you’re in luck. Lorenzo and Martina have a business in which they buy products from local butchers, gastronomists, and wine producers that they then sell and ship to consumers.


If you’re visiting Florence and want to have real bistecca alla fiorentina with a local at their home, you have to book this experience with Lorenzo and Martina. The only downside is that your steak at home will never compare to this.

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